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Are you looking for a way to up your game when it comes to high-value flower production? Twister trimmers are making it possible to achieve a quality-controlled product at high speed.

The Twister T4 is revolutionizing how you trim your harvest – increasing speed and enhancing final product quality. Experts have long recommended that you hand trim your crop to preserve trichomes. Now you can utilize the Twister T4 trimmer to make the switch from hand-trimming to a bud trimming machine with confidence.

When you buy a wet and dry trimmer, you need to source it from an expert. A fly-by-night smoke shop is probably only going to carry cheap products manufactured abroad. When they break, finding a new blade and tumbler parts for your machine may be impossible.

Are you ready to take your trimming process to the next level? In this Twister T4 review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this revolutionary tool and how to free yourself from the slow, intensive work of hand trimming without sacrificing quality. A maintenance-free T4 trimming machine could be the best investment you’ll ever make!

How Does the Twister T4 Trimmer Work?

The Twister T4 trimming machine with speed control puts you in the driver’s seat. You have six settings for the tumbler and six for the blade and can choose from 36 different trimming styles. You have complete control over trimming settings based on your harvest strain.

Decrease the blade speed for a gentler trim that leaves your product richer and your flower softly curling. Increase the speed for optimal blade contact and a crisp, uniform trim. You can also adjust trimming blade speed based on bud quality and moisture content to get exactly the finished product you want.

Decrease tumbler speed for larger trim intend for extraction and increase speed for a tighter trim that is roll or pipe ready. You can decrease both tumbler and blade speed for minimized impact on dryer flower, to preserve trichomes during the trimming process.

Use a conveyor belt to help guide the feed of flower into the Twister tumbler efficiently. The standard leaf collector helps prevent waste. You can upgrade the leaf collector to a trim saver and boost the efficacy of your yield collection.

Overall, the T4 gives you hand-trim quality faster. The design provides for minimal time in the tumbler. The result is a finished product that is almost indistinguishable from hand-trimmed flower.

Trim Savers

The upgrade to the stainless-steel trim saver increases your yield of extract-ready product. Radial cyclone technology will ensure maximum separation and trimming efficiency. You can increase trim collection to 90% and know that the preservation of your harvest is enhanced.

The trim saver system bypasses the impeller and treats the flower more gently than traditional vacuum collection systems do. This process ensures the collection system doesn’t impact your flower as much, you lose fewer trichomes, and you save tons of extract-ready trim. It’s a worthwhile investment if you’re looking to maximize production.

You can improve your gain further by adding the stainless-steel trim saver upgrade kit. This kit consists of a stainless-steel bin and lid with a silicone gasket. When used in conjunction with the aluminum stand, it makes your Twister t4 even more efficient and convenient.


Choose a conveyor type based on its purpose. You can add a conveyor at either end of the trimming process. At the front end, you can control the feed into the tumbler, while at the back end, you can manage quality control.

The Twister T4 has two different conveyor belts. The standard feed conveyor belt is a 60″ by 3.75″ narrow belt. Use it to maintain a steady flow of cannabis flower into your T4 tumbler, and you’ll have a chance to sort through and pick out anything that isn’t perfect.

The second option is the quality control conveyor belt, used to view the finished product. You can remove any pieces that don’t reflect the level of quality trim you’re committed to creating. Both of these conveyor belts can improve your Twister machine experience.

If you’re using the Twister T4 dry trimmer settings, having conveyor belts can be even more critical. Once you’ve finished the process, your product will be ready to package, so QC is essential. Wet trim has a few more steps to go through, so it’s not quite as crucial, although a feed conveyor belt and quality control belt can still help you spot problems.

Trim Wet or Dry

You can wet trim or dry trim depending on your needs. The Twister line of trimmers includes several that allow wet and dry trim, but the T4 with speed control is one of the fastest and most efficient. It’s also easy to clean so that you can switch between wet and dry trimming easily.

Your cannabis growing mentors may have told you that wet trim is the best way to preserve trichomes and maximize cannabinoids. However, Twister machines let you dry trim gently enough to avoid trichome loss and deliver a finished product comparable to high-end hand-trimmed flower.

Wet Trimming

Choose to wet trim when you want an extremely tight trim and need to move forward at maximum trimming speed. You can be a little harder on wet flowers since the moisture helps preserve the raw product’s integrity. The hardiness of wet harvest means you can crank up your T4’s blade and tumbler speed.

Dry Trimming

Use dry trim settings once the moisture content of your flower drops below 13%. Dry harvest needs more careful handling, and you’ll need your leaf collector or trim saver to catch every tiny fragment. The Twister dry trim setting limits impact on dry flowers to ensure high potency.

How Many Pounds Does It Trim Per Hour?

The T4 is capable of trimming an incredible number of pounds every hour. Compared to hand trimming, there’s simply no reason you wouldn’t love the speed of this machine. The average number of pounds per hour you can trim depends on a few different factors.

Wet Trim Speed

Wet trimming delivers finished product at a rate of up to 23 pounds (11 kilograms) every hour. Hook two T4s together, and you’ll see that trimming speed increases by more than 100%—up to 51 pounds (23 kilograms) per hour. You can then add a third new Twister unit and give your rate another bump, topping out at around 81 pounds (37 kilograms) per hour.

Dry Trim Speed

Dry trimming with one T4 can hit a speed of about 7 pounds (3 kilograms) per hour. Using two units can more than double that speed, taking your production to 16 pounds (7 kilograms) per hour. For dry trimming machines, a configuration of two units is the recommended maximum.

Why is dry trimming slower?

Dry trimming is slower to limit the adverse impact on the trichomes and create a closer to a delivery-ready product. You’ll have to take this slower speed into account when doing dry trim. A great product takes time to create!

Before and After Photos

Wondering what the results look like when you use a Twister T4 to trim your harvest? Check out these before and after photos. You probably won’t be able to tell the difference between hand-trimmed flower and machine-trimmed.

You can also watch this Twister T4 trimmer video for more examples of the process and results.

Product Specifications

The standard model has a top-quality stainless-steel tumbler and Swedish bearings as well as nitrided steel blades. The stainless-steel model is made entirely of food-grade stainless steel with a double-sealed bearing chamber. It is virtually maintenance-free since the bearings never have to be greased.

Download Manuals

Download Product Guides

How Much Does It Cost?

t4coupon If you hope to get your hands on a brand-new Twister trimmer T4 with speed control, expect to pay what it’s worth for a system you can use for years. The T4 retails for around $8,606 with the leaf collector in the USA.  With the trim saver upgrade, it will cost $18,719.

Where to Buy

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Twister T4 Parts

Count on needing to replace some parts on your T4 over the years. The more product you trim, the more often you’ll have to replace parts. The leaf collector and filter bag require replacement most frequently.

However, you may eventually have to replace other parts on your Twister trimmer. The T4 airflow (for a vacuum bypass) may be needed. You can also stock an entire T4 vacuum bypass kit for your leaf collector.

Used Twister T4 Trimmer For Sale

If you are in the market for a trimmer but don’t have the funds for a new one, don’t give up hope. We may be able to find you a used Twister T4 for sale and accessories, too, if you need them. You can always contact us to see if the item you need is available.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it up, while the T4 Twister isn’t something you’ll find locally, it is an effective, fast way to get hand-trimmed quality buds without trimming by hand. We hope this Twister T4 Trimmer review has answered all your questions, but feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more.

Brandon Albaugh
Brandon Albaugh
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