Twister T2 Trimmer Review: Perfect Commercial Machine For Outdoor Harvests

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When it comes time to harvest and process your plants, you need a method that produces consistent results at an efficient pace.

When it comes to quality and speed, the Twister T2 trimmer exceeds expectations, producing hand-trimmed quality flower quickly. That’s why it’s the most widely used trimming system among medium- to large-scale commercial growers.

Let’s take a closer look at what sets the Twister T2 Trimmer apart from other trimming machines on the market. 

Speed and Efficiency

The Twister T2 has earned a reputation as the world’s fastest trimming machine. This unparalleled speed allows you to trim your product faster than ever before, increasing your revenue and freeing up your time to expand your operations even further.

Quality Cuts

A key component to a quality harvest is the quality of your trimmer’s blades. High-quality blades mean you get a clean, consistent cut every time, maximizing your revenue from each harvest. 

One of the best things about the T2 trimmer is that it has nitrided, self-sharpening blades. These blades are made of hardened steel and designed to resist corrosion and wear. Because they stay sharp for so long, you’ll consistently get a clean, uniform cut that resembles a hand-trim. Even better, since their design reduces build-up, you’ll spend less time cleaning and maintaining them.

Compliant and Safe

In addition to producing a superior product, it’s crucial to meet all health and safety regulations. The Twister T2 trimming machine is designed to go the extra mile to meet those regulations and provide a safe working environment.

It’s made from 304 stainless steel and other food-safe materials, so your operation will meet global health standards. It also includes innovative safety features like sensors, emergency stops, and full guarding to keep your team safe. The fan-cooled engine ensures that your T2 won’t overheat, even if you run it 24 hours a day.

Simple Maintenance

This trimmer’s simple stainless-steel construction also makes it easy to clean and maintain. The entire unit can be broken down in less than 6 minutes, without the need for tools at any point in the process–no downtime, maximizing your crew’s productivity.

How Does the Twister T2 Trimmer Work?

The Twister T2 Trimmer works to cut uniform buds that are ready for consumer use.

The adjustable height allows you to have total control over the final product. Once you have it set to your specifications, the blades quickly work to trim your flower while a powerful vacuum pulls the clippings into the tumbler. An optional T2 leaf collector can pull those trimmings into the collection bag.

The innovative technology of the T2 allows you to eliminate hand-trimming from your operation by delivering a uniform product every time. You save countless hours a day by avoiding the need to hand-trim, allowing you and your crew to focus on quality control and other vital tasks.

Trim Saver

Minimizing waste is one of the biggest challenges any grower needs to overcome during the harvest. The Trim Saver is designed to work with the Twister trimmer and helps you overcome that challenge, ensuring you can maximize revenue with an innovative leaf collector.

Unlike a traditional vacuum leaf collector, the Trim Saver uses radial cyclone technology to pull trimmings into the collection bag. This unique technology collects over 90% of your trimmings and deposits them in a food-safe container.


Are you ready to scale up your production? Conveyors make it easy to add more T2 trimmers to your fleet and maximize production while maintaining superior quality control. 

By adding a second machine, you can increase your dry trimming production to 32-36 pounds per hour with no additional labor on your team’s part. You can include a maximum of four T2s in your conveyor, which would bring your production speed up to 160 pounds per hour for dry trimmings. 

The T2’s innovative design makes it simple to add more trimmers over time to expand your production whenever you’re ready.

Trim Wet or Dry

One major selling point of the T2 trimmer is that it allows you to switch between wet and dry trimming with ease.

As with hand trimming, each method has its pros and cons.

Wet trimming allows your harvest to dry faster since there is less moist foliage attached to the flowers, especially if you’re operating out of a humid climate. It’s also the best option for operations working with limited space since the trimmed buds require a smaller drying area.

Dry trimming is ideal for anyone operating out of an arid climate since the moisture from the foliage prevents your product from drying out too quickly. However, this route takes up significantly more space since you’re keeping the foliage for a longer period.

Regardless of which option you choose, the Twister T2 can handle the job and seamlessly switch between both types of trimming. All you’ll need to do is switch out the tumbler, which is a quick process that doesn’t require any tools.

How Many Pounds Does It Trim Per Hour?

The T2 is a powerful trimmer, capable of meeting the most demanding needs of large-scale production facilities.

A significant factor in that power is the motor. The T2’s powerful 1HP fan-cooled motor allows for quick and efficient results.

Self-sharpening, build-up resistant, 304 stainless-steel blades also ensure the T2 can accurately and consistently trim your buds while reducing downtime, meaning you’re able to maximize your revenue by making the most of your time.

Just how many pounds does it trim per hour? The answer depends on whether you’re trimming wet or dry.

When trimming dry, a single T2 can trim 15-19 pounds per hour. If you’re trimming wet, you can expect your T2 to trim up to 35 pounds per hour.

That makes the T2 one of the fastest and most efficient trimmers available on the market today. When you combine this speed with the trim quality the T2 produces, it’s hard to find another trimmer that can match it.

Please Note: When you purchase T2 trimming system with conveyors you do not have to buy a hopper. If you purchase a T2 machine without the conveyor you will have to buy a hopper.

Before and After Photos

A lot can be said about the effectiveness of the Twister Trimmer T2, but nothing beats seeing results. 

To show you what the T2 Twister is truly capable of, we’ve taken some before and after pictures for your convenience.


As you can see in these photos, Twister trimmers are reliable machines, providing uniform buds that resemble hand-cut quality.

Product Specifications

There’s no doubt that the Twister T2 trimmer machine is one of the most powerful trimmers on the market, but what does that actually mean?

Let’s take a closer look at the Twister T2’s product specifications to get a better understanding of what makes it an industry leader.

Download Manuals

Download Product Guides

How Much Does It Cost?

t2coupon Of course, you need to consider the cost of the Twister machine when determining whether it’s right for your growing operation.

An all-new Twister T2 Trimmer equipped with a standard leaf collector currently retails for $15,485. An upgraded T2 with the Trim Saver is $18,719.

That cost also includes a 10-year standard warranty and support from one of the best companies in the industry. This warranty protects your investment, so if your trimmer stops working, it will be repaired or replaced.

Where to Buy

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Twister T2 Parts

Just as it’s important to purchase your Twister T2 from a trusted seller, it’s also crucial to purchase any related products or replacement parts from a vendor you can trust. While counterfeit stainless-steel parts might look like they can get the job done, using parts that aren’t designed to work with your T2 can compromise the quality of your harvest or even damage your machine.

Used Twister T2 Trimmer For Sale

While you won’t find many sellers with a used Twister T2 trimmer for sale, used T2 trimmers are occasionally available. These products are professionally cleaned and refurbished, so you’re still getting a like-new high-quality product. As always, be sure to purchase your trimmer from a trusted seller to ensure you’re getting the real deal. Warranties on used Twister units can vary, so check with the seller for all the details on that.

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