Twister BatchOne Review: High-Output Commercial Dry Trimmer

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Do you consider cannabis to be your craft, and prefer dry trimming? Consider the Twister BatchOne dry trimmer for a fast, effective way to dry trim your harvest in large batches. It’s a machine built specifically for craft growers and delivers the industry’s tightest batch-style dry trim.

This latest offering from Twister is particularly inspired. The Twister BatchOne dry trimming machine recognizes both the artistry and hard work involved in craft growing. You can confidently depend on its ability to help you process cannabis at scale at a reasonable price. Hands down, it’s the best bud trimmer on the market.

The Twister BatchOne dry trimmer allows you to process your harvest quickly and gently. You’ll be able to swiftly move your product to market once it reaches a low enough moisture content for dry trimming. An accelerated dry trimming process will provide a high return on the price of your investment by helping you shift seamlessly to large batch processing.

Use a high-capacity dry trimmer like the Twister BatchOne to keep up with your rapidly scaling yield. Keep your workflow steady with the programmable control box, and enjoy the ability to walk away mid-batch, knowing your product quality won’t suffer. Show your customers that your product stays the same no matter how quickly you expand and maintain your price levels.

How Does the Twister BatchOne Work?

The Twister BatchOne dry trimmer is a user-friendly batch-style trimmer that combines control box functionality with wheeled portability. It features the largest tumbler diameter in the industry. The saddle adjustments permit ultra-fine customization, for the tightest possible batch trim.

You can completely remove the control box to power-wash your trimmer without worrying about damaging any electronic components. The control box is UL- and CSA-compliant, and GFCI-compatible for safe operation in wet areas. The 1/4 HP motor prevents stalling and delivers 30% more power than any other dry trimming machine, without paying the price of an inflated electric bill.

The massive tumbler diameter is 19.5 inches across and 63 inches long. Load or unload it conveniently from either side using the five-position pivoting system. Fill one-half to two-thirds full for the most uniform results. You can clean the stainless-steel tumbler and aluminum body with minimum time commitment or hassle.

The Twister BatchOne dry trimmer is fully portable, with 360-degree, rotating and locking casters for high maneuverability. You can take it through standard 32- to 34-inch doorways with the control box removed. The food-grade plastic trim bins are nestable and stackable for easy trim capture and compact storage.

Dry Trimming Machine

Craft growers were initially anxious about using a dry trimming machine for their flower. The prevailing theory warned that no dry trimmer could provide the same quality as hand trimming and that sugar leaves would be destroyed. You’d also lose the resin-rich trichomes reducing the cannabinoids in your resulting harvest.

However, advances in trimming machine technology and control box design provided ways to dry trim without causing damage to the flower. Low impact tumblers prevent buds from being shredded. You can trust the Twister BatchOne dry trim process to deliver a high-quality product that retains both trichomes and cannabinoids.

The Twister BatchOne dry trim machine runs almost silently, so you don’t have to shout to be heard over the motor. The tumbler handles all your flower gently. You can remove the tumbler quickly without any bolts to worry about, thanks to its easy-release locking mechanism.

Your Twister BatchOne dry trimmer can simplify your workflow. You can finish entire batches in a sitting instead of mixing and matching from multiple trim sessions. Using a Twister BatchOne dry trimming machine yourself can open your eyes to why so many craft growers are making the switch to batch-style machine automation.

How Many Pounds Does It Trim Per Hour?

Some of the most popular Twister trimming machine options can dry trim anywhere from seven to eleven pounds of flower per hour. You can hook one machine to another and then another in a daisy chain of automation for increased per-hour yield. The Twister BatchOne dry trims faster than any stand-alone machine in a sitting.

You can process as much as 88 pounds of dry flower per hour using the Twister BatchOne dry trim process. Set the control box for the BatchOne for a customized trim based on the variety and looseness of your flower. Then sit back and let the batch process without stressing over the result.

The 1/4 HP motor is powerful enough to prevent stalling even with larger batches. Make sure you have it plugged into a circuit breaker and that the connector plug is receiving the correct input voltage. You’ll be able to process upwards of 80 pounds of harvest per hour without having to stop your BatchOne machine.

You can set a timer based on your best estimate of the time required if you need to process less than 88 pounds of cannabis an hour. Just program the BatchOne control box and let the machine run while you do other tasks. You’ll get the same great results as always without having to babysit your flower.

Before and After Photos

You’re expecting to see before and after photos as a part of this review, and we don’t plan to disappoint—we actually tried the BatchOne out for ourselves and took pictures. We aren’t just giving you a review based on internet searches and customer testimonials.

These photos show different samples of flower varieties before they go into the trimmer, and after they come out. You can see for yourself that the final quality is high, and the results are uniform. The consistency of this trimmer is just one reason why it has become so popular.

Product Specifications

We always try to give you a clear picture of product specifications in every review. The Twister BatchOne is a total of 48 inches high, only 31 inches wide without the control box, and 63 inches long. Read chart for more info:


How Much Does It Cost?

twister batchone coupon The BatchOne has a recommended retail price of $22,939 in the United States, but you may be able to find it at a slightly lower price, depending on the seller. The cost makes it one of the more expensive trimmers we’ve chosen to review. We think the capability of the trimmer and its potential for serious craft growers justifies the price tag.

Where to Buy

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Twister BatchOne Parts

If you need BatchOne parts, check our network. You’ll usually be able to get parts from a reputable seller at a reasonable price.  Parts you may want to stock up on include:

Avoid the need to halt processing due to part breakage or burnout. Just switch in the new part and go back to full speed trimming. You won’t have to wait to process the rest of your harvest.

Used Twister BatchOne For Sale

Has this Twister BatchOne trimmer review made you feel you can’t wait another minute to add one to your processing line, but it’s out of your budget? Contact us, and we’ll do our best to find you a used one. If not, maybe one of our sellers will have a deal you can’t refuse, and you’ll be able to add a high-capacity batch-style trimmer to your operation sooner than you thought possible.

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