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If you consider yourself an artisan when it comes to cannabis or hemp flower, the Triminator Dry trimming machine makes it fast and easy to dry small and medium-sized harvests. The innovative craftsmanship and high-quality materials result in an efficient, quiet, and high-clarity extract every time.

The engineers behind the Triminator Dry trimmer understand that small-batch growing involves a combination of well-honed talent and impressive skill. You’ve spent years learning the ins and outs of craft growing, so the team at Triminator created the ultimate bud trimming machine to make dry trimming easier than ever.

Made with food-grade 304 stainless steel, plastic, and anodized aluminum, the Triminator’s low-friction build reduces stickiness and loss of resin. The quick-cleaning frame allows you to meet the most rigorous sanitation guidelines with ease, too.

The long tumbler of the Triminator Dry can trim between eight and ten pounds an hour. Its rapid processing abilities make it the perfect choice for small-batch growers who need to move products quickly while ensuring a low moisture content.

If you want a dry trimmer that will allow you to keep up with larger harvests while guaranteeing that your customers receive high-quality products, you can count on the Triminator Dry bud trimming machine.

How Does the Triminator Dry Work?

Using the Triminator Dry couldn’t be any easier. The user-friendly design and small batch-style construction make it one of the most effective tumble trimmers for craft growers.

The long, narrow drum works to minimize tumbling impact on buds and flowers. The composite blade, one of the newest developments in craft bud trimming, improves cutting precision for the tightest trim to flowers and dry buds.

The wheeled frame and Turn-LocTM basket allow users to remove and clean the trimming system quickly. Simply turn the barrel to release it from the tumbler for cleaning, then reload for up to ten pounds of dry bud per hour. You can even purchase additional tumblers for seamless, continual production.

The engineers behind the 120-volt trimming machines focused on the grower’s needs when designing the Triminator Dry, resulting in an agile, portable system suited for the busy grower. The machine eliminates the need for hemp or soy lubricants, while the lack of metal on metal within the drum keeps your products pure and clean.

At just 36 inches by 24 inches, the compact frame of the Triminator Dry maximizes the drum’s interior cutting surface. Easily pivot the drum to load, trim, and empty your bud. To ensure the closest trim, fill the drum up to halfway with plant material, then use the machine’s timer for carefree drying.

Dry Trimming Machine

Some small-batch, artisan producers feel hesitant to use a bud trimmer for their cannabis flower. At one point, many believed that only hand trimming would result in superior quality buds, while a dry trimmer would impact the dry cones and destroy sugar leaves. Growers also believed that dry trimmers would result in a loss of resin and trichomes in the batch, reducing the cannabinoid content.

However, bud trimming technology has continued to evolve along with the cannabis industry. The Triminator Dry trimming machine allows the craft grower to enjoy a more efficient harvest and trimming process without losing quality, damaging the buds, or shredding flowers.

The Triminator Dry eliminated the vacuum for a nearly silent processing experience. You won’t need to shout over the sound of a roaring fan or worry about a robust tumble destroying your buds. The effortless, tool-free assembly and pressure washer-safe design make setup, cleanup, and breakdown a breeze.

As your company grows, you need to make your processing and cutting more efficient to keep up with customer demand. The Triminator Dry makes it easy to simplify the process. With batch cutting times as low as three to five minutes and an impressive capacity for such a compact product, the Triminator Dry will make you understand why producers have made the transition to trimmers like this one.

How Many Pounds Does It Trim Per Hour?

Triminator’s product range has options for every company. The trimming machines range from a capacity of 1,500 pounds per hour down to two- to five-pound portable machines. Depending on your needs, you can create a varied daisy chain of bud trimmers for ongoing trimmer use.

The Triminator Dry combines a flexible frame with industry-leading bud trimmer cutting speed that results in eight to ten pounds of dry bud per hour. Set the timer for three to five minutes, based on the amount of plant material loaded in the trimmer, and step away without worrying about over-processed buds.

The 120 AC volt motor will prevent stalling, even when used consistently throughout the day. If the customer reviews on the Triminator website don’t convince you that this item is worth the price, the product’s quality and ease of use will.

Set the timer and forget the batch, even if you need to trim a smaller batch of buds. You can use the time to empty and reload other trimmer machines or kick back and relax while the Triminator Dry does its job.

Before and After Photos

Our readers at The Happy Cutter always expect to see a before and after image as part of our reviews, and this review won’t disappoint. We had the opportunity to try the Triminator Dry out for ourselves and made sure to take plenty of pictures of the product. You can count on our experience, not just customer reviews from the product website.

You’ll notice the difference in the buds before and after we processed them in the Triminator Dry. The buds display a tight, flawless trim, consistent shape, and no damage to the flower. The precision of the final product will undoubtedly meet customer expectations while saving you and your team plenty of time and energy. All you need to do is load the tumbler for a product you’ll be proud to share.

Product Specifications

The Triminator Dry packs a lot of value into a moderately sized product. The trimmer stands only 36 inches tall, with a 24-inch width and 36-inch length. At just 63 pounds, you can easily move the trimmer across your workspace for easy cleaning, loading, and emptying.



How Much Does It Cost?

While other trimming machines can cost $20,000 or more in the United States, you can purchase the Triminator Dry for $4,995. With a buyer-friendly cost and the capacity to significantly increase your product output, we think that the potential it offers to small companies makes it well worth the price.

Where to Buy

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Triminator Dry Parts

If you want to purchase extra parts for your Triminator Dry, you can check our network. You can typically find parts from a qualified dealer for a reasonable price. You may want to ensure that you stock up on critical pieces, including:

Eliminate downtime and keep your workflow moving smoothly by purchasing extra pieces for your Triminator Dry.

Easy Kief Extraction with the Kief Kit

Did you know you can make your Triminator Dry a kief extractor, too? Triminator’s Kief Kit integrates seamlessly into your tumbler system to capture the kief using the micron mesh kief tumbler drum. Quickly swap the tumbler basket for the steel mesh barrel to keep your workday moving smoothly while collecting pollen.

Used Triminator Dry for Sale

Ready to add the Triminator Dry to your processing system? If the trimmer is out of your budget, contact our team at The Happy Cutter, and we’ll do our best to find a used one.

If not, you may find that one of our dealers has a Triminator Dry at a price that’s too good to be true. Then, you can add Northern California’s favorite small-batch trimmer to your company sooner than you imagined.

Brandon Albaugh
Brandon Albaugh
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