GreenBroz 215 Review: Dry Trimmer that Produces Hand-Trim Results

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The GreenBroz 215 dry trimmer provides a reliable, gentle method to trim your harvest consistently. This high-end machine can effortlessly cut your product without causing damage. Capable of delivering a hand-trimmed effect, it clips at a speed of multiple pounds per hour.

Careful handling of your cannabis crop is vital to preserving trichomes and cannabinoids. The key is to harvest and dry your buds properly to maintain potency. With precise trimming, you keep the nose fresh for an appealing product.

Once you’ve dried your buds, the GreenBroz 215 dry trimmer makes manicuring your flowers a breeze. The dry trimmer avoids damaging your bud, rendering it more fragrant. This method leaves you with a high-quality, marketable flower.

The 215 trimmer weighs just over 40 pounds, with a tabletop stand that adds 10 pounds to its total weight. It features a forward/reverse switch and an adjustable 30-minute timer. You’ll get a one-year guarantee, and you can obtain parts quickly and easily since this dry trimmer is made in the USA.

Overall, this trimmer isn’t the biggest or fastest, but it will serve the needs of most small growers. If you’re looking to expand, but hand trimming slows you down, this machine can help you increase efficiency while maintaining quality.

How Does the GreenBroz 215 Dry Trimmer Work?

The GreenBroz 215 trimmer has a patented, food-grade, stainless steel blade. It completes 20 revolutions per minute, carefully rolling your flower to preserve trichomes. You don’t need any additional attachments or a vacuum to harvest quality buds.

It has high-grade HDPE housing, similar to what you’d find on a plastic cutting board. It’s designed to be antimicrobial and anti-bacterial, so you can feed your bud in full confidence that the process won’t contaminate your harvest.

You can control every step of the process, thanks to the 215 trimmer’s responsive design. It only requires light lubrication, and you can use your choice of oil. You’ll be able to get through several pounds of bud per hour and clean-up only takes around ten minutes.

The almost silent motor and finely sharpened blade make processing cannabis fast, quiet, and nearly effortless. You’ll get dependable results every time so that you can have confidence in the level of quality control. This machine is perfect for the small grower who has expanded to the point where hand trimming has become unsustainable.

If you don’t operate in the United States, don’t worry. Every GreenBroz trimmer can be customized to meet international power requirements. The small conveyor motor is so quiet that you can listen to music, talk on the phone, or hold a conversation in-person at normal volume and without shouting.

Dry Trimming Over Wet trimming

The Greenbroz 215 trimmer only trims dry buds. Putting wet buds in the trimmer will allow residue to build up on the blades. The chamber can become gummy from the residue, which will eventually create a degraded and uneven cutting process.

Some growers claim that trimming dry can reduce trichomes. However, proper drying and careful storage will preserve resin-heavy trichomes, so you don’t have to worry about losing any. Whether you trim your flower immediately after harvest or after drying matters less than the proper handling of your buds.

Wet trimming your bud leaves excess chlorophyll in the flower, which can lead to a “wet grass” aroma. This smell can put buyers off.

Carefully dry your buds until they are low in moisture but not brittle. Then use the GreenBroz 215 dry trimmer to carefully trim your buds and curl your flowers.

How Many Pounds Does 215 Trim Per Hour?

The GreenBroz 215 dry trimmer is deceptively fast and can trim anywhere from 2-4 pounds per hour. It’s designed first and foremost to handle your buds gently, so it doesn’t compromise your product quality. However, its speed can help you scale your operation up, while still delivering a soft, fragrant flower that your customers love.

Before and After Photos (Lab Tests)

Any dry trimmer review should show you what you can expect from the trimmer before you purchase one for yourself. Here’s what your buds should look like before and after trimming:

Download Lab Testing Results

Product Specifications

The GreenBroz 215 dry trimmer has a quiet motor, and its blade will only roll or curl the leaf, not shred it. The stand that comes with the trimmer works well for tabletop use, and the unit won’t drain your power. You’ll get hand-trimmed quality without worrying about a higher electricity bill or low-quality cuts.

Please Note: All GreenBroz machines can be made compatible with international power requirements.

Download Manuals

How Much Does the GreenBroz 215 Cost?

We recommend trimmers based on quality and results. We don’t recommend trimmers on price alone, and we test every trimmer listed on our site for functionality, speed, ease of use, and noise.

You can buy your GreenBroz 215 dry trimmer for around $6695, and experience the superior trimming quality for yourself.

Where to Buy a GreenBroz 215 dry trimmer

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Replacing GreenBroz 215 Parts

If you run a serious grow shop, you don’t want to have to halt production if your machine breaks down. You need fast access to parts, so you can get back up and running right away.

GreenBroz 215 parts that commonly need replacing include:

When you need replacement parts, you should buy them from the same source as your dry trimmer, if possible. That way, you can ensure that you’re getting the same quality as your machine, especially if you already have a relationship with the company.

Find a Used GreenBroz 215 for Sale

Has this GreenBroz 215 bud trimming machine review got you thinking about buying your own used GreenBroz 215 dry trimmer? If so, you may be disappointed.

Used trimmers like these can be hard to find. Once people start using them, they recognize them as a high-value purchase and rarely let them go. However, if there’s a used 215 trimmer to be found, we can source it.

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